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Enya Nexg2 Blue Loop Electric Guitar

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  • Easy Loop: Say goodbye to timing challenges with NEXG2's onboard looper and wireless pedal, effortlessly creating, manipulating, and refining loops with precise timing and automatic correction.
  • Versatility: Experience diverse guitar styles and save on multiple devices, offering outstanding value for your musical journey.
  • Multi-Functionality: NEXG2 combines a traditional acoustic guitar with advanced audio technology, offering a wide range of built-in effects and expanding your creative potential.
  • Portability & Convenience: Ultimate portability and convenience with the detachable design, ensuring easy travel and eliminating the need for extra gear to experience its versatile functions on-the-go.
  • APP Integration: Enhance your NEXG2 experience with the intuitive companion app, providing additional effects, sound customization. 
  • Acoustic Profiling: Capture the unique tone color of any acoustic guitar with precision using NEXG 2's advanced profiling feature.


  • 38-inch full size audio guitar
  • Integrated Wireless speaker (80W Max), built-in preamp & sound card
  • Built-in loop function with wireless pedal
  • Integrated effects & drum beats
  • Intuitive Interface and App Integration
  • Detachable design for easy travel and storage