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Enya X3-PRO Mini Acoustic Plus Acoustic Guitar

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The iconic Enya X3 guitar, originally introduced in 2019, is making a triumphant return with a brand-new, upgraded version – the X3 Pro. This revival marks a celebration of the guitar's legacy and its evolution into a true masterpiece. The X3 Pro boasts an entirely carbon fiber construction, leaving behind traditional woods to create a sound that transcends the boundaries of classic acoustics and modern innovation.

At the heart of the X3 Pro's sonic brilliance is its top, consisting of three meticulously crafted layers featuring a high-performance weaving pattern carbon fiber material. The result is a sound tone that resonates with the soul, blending the timeless acoustic warmth with a contemporary edge. This achievement is a testament to Enya's pioneering carbon fiber technology, pushing the boundaries of both material and tone.

The X3 Pro doesn't just deliver exceptional sound – it also incorporates all the signature Enya features that musicians have come to love. With an elevated neck and zero fret, this guitar ensures effortless playability and precision. The inclusion of the SP1 smart pickup system elevates your performance to new heights, offering unparalleled versatility and sound customization.

The return of the Enya X3 Pro Carbon Fiber Guitar represents a fusion of tradition and innovation, creating an instrument that embodies the spirit of Enya's dedication to excellence. Rediscover the magic of the X3 and experience the future of acoustic sound with the X3 Pro. Your musical adventure awaits.


    • 3/4 size (36") carbon fiber guitar
  • Built-in actuator for onboard sound effects
  • Four preset tone banks
  • App connectivity for tone & EQ editing
  • Bluetooth integration for backing tracks
  • USB charging & OTG recording port
  • Arched back & radius fretboard
  • Elevated neck design